Is The Brand Pack Relevant to Me If I am Branding Myself?

The short answer is yes!! Look at Jamie Oliver. He is a brand. As you are also selling a brand and your service.  I have had experience with people branding themselves in business.  I have spent years branding other businesses and then when I started My Brand Story, I realised that I need to put myself at the forefront of the branding and marketing. I am selling my skills and really myself.  Like me, you need to build the trust of your clients and the only way I could do that was by building a relationship with them. The Brand Pack gives you all the tools t do so!

Is There a Time Limit on the Brand Pack?

Not at all! My Brand Pack is designed for you to be able to complete wherever you want, whenever you get the time! It is a lifetime subscription. The course ideally runs for 5 weeks and I suggest you do that as a minimum as you need breathing time between weeks to come back fresh!

About me

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What is My Brandstory?

Turn Your Brand From A 'Liked' to 'Can't Live Without' - MY BRAND STORY gives YOU the right tools and steps to create consistency, build a strong brand story worth believing in. YOU can own your brand and can steer in a more successful, profitable direction.